230px-Vamp xander
Xander (wishverse)
First appearance "The Wish"
Last appearance "Doppelgängland"
Name Alexander LaVelle Harris
Status Deceased
Classification Vampire
Affiliation Order of Aurelius
Notable powers Vampire strength
Portrayed by Nicholas Brendon
"Slap my hand, dead soul man."
―Xander Harris[src]

In the Wishverse, Xander Harris was, at some point, turned into a vampire. After the apparent deaths of Luke and Darla, he became one of the most powerful and feared members of the Order of Aurelius and, alongside his lover Willow, one of the leading acolytes of the Master. [2]Added by Masakr180He took part in torturing Angel, but mostly enjoyed watching Willow demonstrate her zest for torture and death.

During the Master's presentation of the new blood factory- where he noted that they were living in a 'golden age'-, he took part in the battle at the Bronze, where he staked Angel, and was staked by the Slayer Buffy Summers.

Behind the Scenes EditEdit

  • He was portrayed by Nicholas Brendon.
  • Although he did not appear, he was mentioned in "Doppelgängland", where the real-world Xander showed some enthusiasm at the idea that he was "some badass vampire" in her world.

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